Jack’s first live sex cam experience with Chesty750

It was midnight on a Friday when Jake got online. He’d had a stressful day at work and needed to let off some steam. He logged into his favorite cam porn site and checked to see who was around on the webcam portion and ready to play.

Jake was immediately greeted by the girls online. Tonight, he wanted something specific. Jess982 was cute, with shoulder-length blonde hair and a nice-looking, tight body barely wrapped in a yellow bikini. But her breasts were on the small side. He was in the mood for big jugs.

Oh, hello. Chesty750 was perfect. She definitely lived up to her username, wearing a black bra that barely held up her 44Ds. A brunette, she had hair past her shoulders, and her long legs were open and bent at the knee. She was on a bed, leaning against the headboard. Currently, Chesty750 was rubbing a hand over her cunt hypnotically, the black lacey G-string a thin line against her shaved mound. There was a vibrator and dildo beside her, on the mattress, along with a small, half-used tube of lube.

He sent Chesty750 a message for a private session. She agreed. He squeezed some lube into his hand from the bottle of Astroglide next to him on the bed and started to play with his cock a little.

“You’re sexy,” he said to her on the screen, pinching the tip of his dick. It felt good.

Chesty750 smiled. “You are, too. I love how big your cock is. Makes me wet.” She dipped a finger inside her pussy and pulled it out to show him how ready she was before sucking on it. Fuck. He was loving this chick already.

“Take off your bra,” Jake said and got comfortable against the pillows behind him while he watched her unsnap the slinky material at the back. She seductively took off one strap at a time until her breasts finally spilled out. Her rosy nipples looked tight and hard in the low lighting of her bedroom. Chesty750 leaned back on her elbows. Jake loved how her boobs bounced around, like bowling balls. So fucking hot. He wished he could taste them.

Wanting more, Jake said, “Play with them a little, and squeeze the tips.”

She was quick to respond. Chesty750 had small hands that were barely able to hold up her rack. Arching her back, she moaned every time she pinched her nipples, mouth slightly open and eyes closed. Her hair fell in a cascade down to the sheets. “You know how hot this makes me?” she said before licking a finger and rubbing it around each nipple, making them glisten. Jesus.

Jake was rock hard, by now. He played with his balls, loving how heavy they were. He licked his lips. “Show me how hot I make you.”

Chesty750 propped herself up on the pillows behind her and used the G-string to rub over her clit. “I could come like this,” she said, writhing as she shoved two fingers up her wet pussy and ground against them, still pulling on the string. “Watching you play with yourself, the way you look at me. It would be so easy.”

And when she groaned like she was about to go over, Jake said, “No! Don’t come yet. Use the dildo. Fuck yourself with it.” God, this woman was driving him crazy.

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Just to be evil, Jake thought, she sucked on the fingers she’d just been riding and winked at him before grabbing the dildo. He laughed. The little minx. She kneeled facing the screen, her breasts tumbling against each other as she put the dildo in her mouth, sucking on it like it was Jake’s cock. The way she looked at him while doing it, Jake could almost feel the suction she applied to that piece of silicone.

“Come on. Don’t tease me,” he said, going back to jacking himself off now. He was already leaking copious amounts from the slit. “Fucking ride that thing.”

Grinning, Chesty750 took the lube, squeezed some of the slick on the fuck instrument and settled herself against the pillows again. Legs spread so he could see her pink, dripping vaginal lips, she slowly pushed the dildo inside, gasping at its size as she struggled to take it all. Hell, it might have been bigger than Jake’s cock. When it was fully seated, she panted a little, then pulled it out, rubbed it against her clit, then thrust it back inside and started fucking herself with it.

Her hips lifted with each plunge, her breasts bobbing with each thrust, and she moaned every time it went in. God, she made the sexiest sounds. Her lips were berry red by now, with all the biting she was doing, and shit, Jake wanted to be that goddamn dildo. He imagined it was his fat cock that was giving it to her hard, without mercy. Soon, he gave up all pretense of trying to hold anything back, and jacked the hell out of his dick, stripping it quick and dirty until he spewed all over the place. He’d have to wipe down his laptop screen.

A few seconds later and breathing heavily, he said, “Lemme see you cum.” Chesty750 tossed the dildo, grabbed the vibrator and put it against her swollen clit. When she turned it on, she cried, “Oh shit!” as her entire body convulsed seconds later, contorting through one hell of an orgasm, her body sweaty and sleek. Jake almost came again at the sight of her like that.

When she was done, her hair was stuck to her face, leaving her looking flushed and sated. “You wore me out,” she said with a tired grin.

Jake chuckled. “Give me five minutes, and we’ll do it all over again.”

The night had just begun.

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