Anna’s parking lot sex adventure – Part 2

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Part 2

I stood in the queue at the checkout to pay. In the corner of my eye I could see that the man I flashed, he stood in the line next to me.

Out side it still raining and it was getting dark. I went to my car without turning around and started the engine, for some warmth air. Now I buttoned up my trench coat and let it just lightly cover my breasts.

I started touching myself again. I imagined how the man in the supermarket came to me, let his hand slide up my thighs and firmly into my pussy. I closed my eyes and pressed two fingers in my pussy while your other hand had to process my clitoris.

Then the door opened on the passenger side. Bingo. The man from the store got into the car.

– Drive the car a way from the entrance, he asked, without meeting my gaze.

I did as he said, and parked the car a little more remote, but still in the parking lot. The man took his pants off and pulled out his semi-flaccid cock. With one hand he took my coat aside and looked after my breasts while he stroke his cock.

– Continue where you were when I interrupted you, the man said with a hoarse voice.

My hands caressed the inside of my thighs, teased myself before I again began to masturbate. The man in the seat next groaned muted, and when I glanced at him I saw that his cock really was magnificent. Large, rough, veiny and with a perfectly shiny glance.

The man approached my pussy with one hand. He put a finger in me, pulled it out and touched around on my labia before he brought his finger to his own mouth.

– You taste wonderful.

I moisted some of my own fingers and let them rub his cock before I leaned over him and took his cock in my mouth. With slow, firm movements, I began to suck him. He put a hand on my head and moved my mouth up and down, fuck me slowly. The cock grew in my mouth and was becoming harder and I felt that he was going to come.

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In my imagination, we had never gone this far. In my imagination, we had masturbated next to each other, without any physical contact. Now, I had to admit to myself that I wanted to fuck, to be frank.

I took out the small vibrator and a condom out of my purse. My eyes met the man. He nodded and I took the condom out and put it on his cock before I positioned me over to the passenger seat and mounted him.

The man massaged my breasts, pinched, sucked and bit my nipples while I sat down over his cock. I let the tip of his cock slide in and out of me while I let the vibrator work on my clitoris. There are few things I find so delightful as the teasing sense of almost-fuck.

He took a firm grip on my hips and pushed the cock all the way in. I stopped for a while, just sat there with his cock inside me and enjoyed the feeling of him in me, to know how he filled every inch of my cramped but oh so hot, slippery pussy.

His hands wandered back towards my butt while I rode him. He touched my butt and spread gently on my buttocks.

The man was playing around my anus with his sticky finger and I let it slip in a little more each time I fell down over his cock.

I felt totally fulfilled by both him and the feeling of doing something really nasty. The vibrations against my clitoris spread throughout my body, and I heard the man that he too was about to come. We increased the tempo before we both exploded in an amazing orgasm.

We sat like that for a minute, panting, before I moved back over to the driver’s seat. The man folded his trousers, looked at me and smiled before he opened the door and disappeared into the rain.

This was a perfect fantasy that has become an even better reality.

The End

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