Anna’s parking lot sex adventure – Part 1


I’ve always been a little exhibitionist of me when it comes to sex. The thought of being caught, someone “accidentally” see me naked or having sex. Through the years I have found an outlet for my exhibitionist incur in different ways, but mainly in the context where it was okay or even expected: swingers clubs, visits to porn cinemas, or together with different partners.

For me the most important thing with a fantasy that it will be possible to realize. I notice the deficiencies somewhere in the logic goes also the imagination to the devil, something that has interrupted countless beautiful moments I have had with myself. Very annoying, but also quite rewarding. At least when it comes to just that to realize something. To make it real.

This event which I am about to share with you takes place in London between a very heavy day of rain at the end of October. I stood before the mirror in my apartment and adjusted the last thing on my outfit: black stay-up’s, moderately high heels and a black trench coat. My dark hair was naturally curly with those where large curls that fell halfway down the back, and I had painted my lips carefully red. Outwardly, I saw probably like just anyone on the way home from the office. Nothing that neither sticking out or somehow was odd.

I did a quick inventory of the handbag, just to be sure that I have my small vibrator in it. One last look in the mirror and I was ready. Already in the elevator, I felt a tingling in my pussy, both excitement and horniness. It was freezing out side, my nipples scratched against the trench coat. A rather exciting feeling.

The car started with no problems and I drove a few kilometers to the nearest supermarket, one of those little cheaper chains. The  was full of cars, and the rain danced against the window. I turned off the engine, the seat leaned back and started touching myself. Most people passed by me without even glancing in my direction while some saw me as I sat with one hand between my legs. For some, I willingly open my legs a bit, giving them insight into what I did. If they could see or not I leave unsaid – for me it was enough to be too close to an orgasm for my own good.

I wiped my wet fingers on my socks and stepped out of the car. I went to the entrance, I could feel how wet my pussy was inside of my thighs. Inside the store, I put a little fruit and some milk in the basket.

live-sex-camsI know that I look pretty good, men love to watch once or twice extraordinary regardless of context and age. Clearly, this gave me an advantage, but now I needed to find someone who wanted more than just to watch. And so in a very subtle way. Otherwise I would be forced to end it all alone, and it had felt disconcerted. This time I did not want to settle for just myself.

My eyes scanned the males in the supermarket. Too young. Too old. For gray. Too much with the wife. When I came to the cabinets, I had almost given up hope. I leaned forward over the freezer to reach for a packet of chicken and felt my trench coat slid to the side at the front. It was too inviting to resist: my hand slipped unobtrusively down to my pussy and I started finger myself.

When I straightened up and turned around to head toward the checkouts, I saw a man standing a few meters away and he stared at me. He was considerably older, certainly somewhere between fifty and sixty, but still looked very appealing. I grinned at him, and he nodded back. By coincidence, I happened to drop the bag of chicken fillets and bent with straight legs and butt against him and pick them up. Trench coat did the job and bared discreet showed my now swollen, inviting pussy for him. The man raised his eyebrows slightly, with a hint of a smile….

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